Sunday, August 16, 2009

I cannot believe this can be legal in any state of the union.

Taking out the garbage a few days ago, I noticed this camera attached to the garage of 28 Wakefield Avenue, Port Washington, NY 11050 pointing in the direction of my property.

Upon closer examination, I took note of all the features of the camera and went inside my home to research the web. Turns out to be a $600+ top-tier spy camera with all the trimmings (infrared, motion detection, 180 degree vision, CCTV ready, 200 ft. depth).

I took a couple of steps back and realized the camera is pointing directly into my backyard... what is the purpose of this?

Then, I realized the reality of the situation: there is a live feed taping my child and the play dates that come over anytime they use our playset on my property.

I will try to keep this G-rated: This has taught me that people can sink to lows never previously imagined in my mind. People living in 28 Wakefield Avenue, Port Washington, NY 11050 taping my child is mind-numbing to me.

It's not so much the transparent invasion of privacy that is occurring that concerns me but leads me to wonder where the recording is going? Is it being sold off? Is this video being used in a manner incongruent to our puritan society?

Again, ethically, I will not post names, but the people living next door to me in 28 Wakefield Avenue, Port Washington, NY 11050 are creating a growing concern in my mind that the taping of my child, as well as others, are being used in a sexually-explicit fashion.

I ask anyone who can guide me in the correct direction as to handle this swiftly to be decisive in doing so.

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